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Terms of Submissions


     It is entirely your responsibility and totally incumbent upon you (the Submitter) to read and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Submission. You should also read our Guidelines for Testimony Submission . reserves the right to change or modify these Terms at any time, and without prior notification. Further, any change in Terms will automatically apply to any previously submitted testimonies as well as any testimonies currently under review for publication.

     You certify that any testimony you submit is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that you are not willfully nor purposefully intending to mislead or otherwise defraud in any way, its readers or supporters.  If any portion(s) of your submission is/are ever determined to be substantially inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or false, we reserve the right to immediately remove your submission from all web sites and publications.

     You further certify that your submitted testimony is a personal or first-hand account based on actual events, and that any and all persons or entities referred to or described in your submission have provided you with their consent to be named in said submission. You agree to bear all responsibilities pertaining to, and to hold harmless, its Editor(s), owners, officers, and agents, from any claims or litigation that may arise from your referencing or naming individuals or organizations or other similar information in your submission. reserves the right to edit or modify your submission for clarity, spelling, grammar, etc. We further reserve the right to substitute names and/or places and/or dates for fictitious ones in order to protect our interests or the safety and interests of individuals or organizations named. IMPORTANT: We will shorten individuals’ names to a less specific form (Example: John Doe from Houston, Texas becomes “John D.” or “J.D.” from Texas.). We will also change Company names as well (Example: General Motors becomes “a major auto maker” or a “large international company”.)

We reserve the right to choose to post your submission in whole or in part, or even not at all. Neither your submission nor any donations you make (or others make on your behalf) grants nor guarantees you any right to expect or require to post or use your submission in any way, or for any specific period of time. editors and authorized personnel reserve the right to change, update, and remove content without notice and without restriction at any time or for any reason whatsoever, or for any reason(s) they deem necessary or appropriate.

     By sending your submission, you fully understand and agree that you release and relinquish all rights to our use of your submission, without restrictions or limitations. Further, our use of your testimony submission is not necessarily limited to publication on, but may be used, in whole or in part, on other web sites which we own or operate, other media publications or transmissions or other forms of derivative works, including promotional or advertising content.

     Your submission to must be a previously unpublished account of your story. By sending us your testimony, you are certifying that this is a previously unpublished work. If you submit a previously published testimony, you certify that you have the full legal and unrestricted right to do so, and you agree to hold harmless, its Editor(s), owners, officers, and agents and to bear all legal responsibilities associated with any potential copyright infringements or any subsequent claims or litigation.

     To satisfy our publication requirements, your submission must be sent with your current contact information, including your name, US & email addresses and telephone number(s). You may be contacted by us for further information, verification, or clarification regarding your submission. If your submission does not contain complete and accurate contact information, then it will not be considered for publication on our site. The contact information you provide to will not be sold or given to third parties. It may however, be used by us to promote to you our site(s), our products, or our services.

     Your submission must also contain the names of a minimum of two (2) individuals (only one of which can be an immediate family member) who are willing to be contacted by us to verify events depicted in your submission. Your submission of their names constitutes and represents to that they have agreed to be contacted by, its Editor(s) or agents for testimony verification purposes. You should provide their full contact information to You further agree and understand that you bear all responsibilities pertaining to, and to hold harmless, its Editor(s), owners, officers, and agents from, any claims or litigation that may arise from your submission of the contact individuals named. is not necessarily a promotional site for you or your ministry. You understand & agree that we are not required nor expected to promote, market, or otherwise advance you, your ministry, your web site, your services or products, etc. in any way.

     Additionally, your decision to financially support is not a factor in any decision our Editor(s) may make in the eligibility of your testimony for publication. However, financial supporters who submit a testimony for publication will be given first priority in the review of their submission presuming all other publication criteria are also met. In all cases, financial support does not guarantee publication.

     Any testimony which contains malicious, obscene, hateful, racist, or vengeful speech, or similar content directed to any person, organization, race, or ethnicity, will be immediately dismissed from consideration.

   These Terms Of Submission work in accordance with any other terms, conditions, disclaimers, or policy statements published on our web site.

                                                                                              Last update on 08/23/2018.